Saturday , July 2 2022

Frank Kudelka Piero made an ironic comment about Maza: "I'll stay on the bench with my eyes closed"


With anxiety and joy, according to Frank Darío Kudelka, they live in the days before the duel against Deportes Iquique at the University of Chile.. The return of the Blues is very close to Catholicism and a few months ago they dare to dream about the ridiculous championship.

# We have passed through the blocking times, but we certainly believe that in this sense, the party finds us in a good position, with good peace of mind and good performance. We are thinking about the match against 39, because this is the decisive and so much of our belief.The former coach of Talleres de Córdoba said.

Nortinos encounter, Piero MazaYeferson Soteldo & # 39; s goal after him in the final university classification is the referee.

Adı How is it done to learn something that it doesn't do? No teachers. I'm gonna sit on the bench with my eyes closed. Honestly, I don't know what to do. I don't blame anyone. In the game against Colo Colo, I took the mistake of going to the middle of the field. I did nothing about it, I congratulated a goal. I don't really want to feel the persecution. I have mistakes, I know like everyone else. Everybody's protesting. No one is a nun, a barefoot Carmelite who doesn't open his mouth, "Trasandino said.

Johnny Herrera is decorated with yellow cards in one of the most challenging times of the tournament. Your place will take it Fernando De Paul. Although he did not give a few minutes, the trainer supported him. Var Today, at that time on the bank, because there is a player in front of him. I'd be a beginner everywhere. It was supported by the fact that it was evaluated in the National Team. I've seen very mature with good decisions. "he declared.

Despite optimism and a series of good results, the Argentinean stressed that it is linked to a long-term project.

. I think we've built a team that made a priority order. Today, we have close proximity to what everyone can do, including myself. Yes, I believe in long-term planning. There are times when I was in the first section and not the terminal. We're in the first part today. No one can touch a button and everything is perfected. Sometimes we carry people to a maximum of a point where no one can support in our lives. This route doesn't work and it doesn't work. I believe in every phase of every human being. With clear goals, I adhere to serious work with clear goals. Evil didn't go "He finished it.

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