Sunday , October 17 2021

[FOTO] One more albo! Russian World Cup 2018 Colo Colo laid on his shirt


Midfielder, the last World Cup & # 39; s & # 39; He was one of the most outstanding of his choice.

While in Chile there is no good of Colo Colo, outside of the country, you'll be able to use the & # 39; cacique & # 39; fans, among the most popular & # 39; is responsible for continuing to raise the name.

It was shown in social networks with the image of the steering wheel. Colo Colo jersey with Birkir Bjarnason its followers cause a catastrophe among albos. Britain's Aston Villa midfielder posed with a gift from a Chilean fan in the United Kingdom.

Bjarnason The last stand out in the World Cup. Lionel MessiTo achieve this, let Russia think of Argentina in an astonishing 1-1 1-1 against Iceland.

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