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Fortnite: Battle Royale, season 7: release date, theme, news and everything you need to know | Video games


Fortnite: Battle Royale It has become one of the most played games of recent years. A construction mechanical difference similar to other games with intuitive and friendly Battle Royale PUBG the old generation among the new generations and find a fun escape video game

Part of his success is that this title is completely free and only has a micro payment system for war transitions. These transitions are used to obtain special items such as teams, expressions, weapons and much more in every season.

Now, close to season 6 Fortnit to finish season 7. For now Epic Games He didn't do anything as impressive as the other seasons, there was a comet on 4, a crack appeared in 5, and a giant giant purple cube on 6.

In this article, we will review all the information we have about the new season. Fortnite: Battle Royale and possible special items for season 7.

When does Season 7 start at Fortnite?

Every month, a new season Fortnit to Rising new content offering Battle Royale Season pass for winning players. Those who still cannot open certain content, however, are less and more difficult to achieve.

Season 6 Fortnit to It is nearing the end, so the last launch date of the season 7 will be the same on Tuesday, December 4, the same day the team against the game officially finished season 6.

Until now, Epic Games It didn't comment on the new season, but most likely the launch time is the same as in the past seasons. According to this pioneering, the launch will take place at the 10th European Time (CEST), which will be activated as of the 3rd in Peru.

However, in other seasons, the company published the update a few days after the end of the previous period to collect the rewards and complete the latest challenges. As soon as the update comes out, it will no longer have the chance to get old objects from other seasons.

What is the theme of the Fortnite 7 season?

Until now, all seasons have become a kind of "teaser" in the same title, Epic Games The new season remains with the mystery of being presented with almost nothing.

For now, the only clue you have is the winter, the other side of the world, the Christmas season and the new year. In this period, companies have a very clear snow theme with red and green colored Christmas objects.

However, there are rumors that justify these beliefs, because there are footprints in the snow and other Christmas related objects because the sounds in the game are packed. In addition, some forums are discussing a possible robotic invasion on the map, so one of the latest images of the company is looking at a map of the map. Fortnit to.

What are the objects of the Fortnite 7 season?

For now, nothing has emerged about the new objects or skins of the next Fortnite season. Probably, given the following challenges and the theme of the game turned into a winter environment, the new teams are located in the Arctic and instead of a summit in an ice ax.

As part of his, the gestures of the Fortnite 7 season would also be thematic, but it is too early to establish anything.

What will be the price of Fortnite season in Season 7?

Usually, every season pass price, being made with the transfer of direct Epic Games, or that are dependent on an external physical charge a separate store, 950 which will be about 35 or 40 feet turkey & # 39; is well kept.

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