Wednesday , December 1 2021

Firewatch, the perfect game of Campo Santo, finally arrived in mid-December at Nintendo Switch.


Firewatch, the perfect game Campo SantoIs on the Nintendo Switch. At first the studio had planned to publish this version last spring, but in the end it will see the light. next 17 December.

For anyone who has not played Firewatch With a strong narrative character and some of the best performances we've seen in recent years, it offers an experience, especially since it's not a huge budget title or a huge company behind it. I'm looking at the character of Delilah and all the conversations between him and Henry in general.

With a absolutely visual style, the offered fires get into a forest ranger shoe from the newcomer in the Shoshone National Forest a year later Yelloswto to After a while, strange things begin to happen in 1988, and a story that is fascinating and well described is mysterious.

As a matter of fact, this version of Switch is very watery a priori. Gameplay of the game Firewatch The idea of ​​playing in a console of Nintendo is very attractive. A game without crazy action offers a slow pace instead of ideal for playing in both TV & portable mode.

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