Friday , December 3 2021

Films and movies that break taboos about HIV / AIDS


On World Day Struggle Against HIV / AIDS, we have broken the stereotypes of film and television sets, stories, taboos, and subject matter.

During the World Summit of Health Ministers of 1988, it was announced as an attempt to raise awareness about the virus that affected millions of people in 1 million.

One way to train is pop culture.

The stories about HIV / AIDS are a living document in the history of one of the most devastating epidemics of modern medicine. Of course, over the years, movies and TVs have evolved in how they treat the issue.

One of the leading films Early Frosting between John ErmanAfter two years of rigorous production by NBC, in November 1985 it premiered yıl no harm to sensitivities in. It was a great social contribution to break down the myths with which they showed the real ways of transmission, breaking down the myths unaffected by a great ignorance, touching an infected person or the legends of mass transmissions in public places.

At present, valuable contributions continue to be made.

Elite series Netflix The premiere in 2018 tells the story of a group of students from a prestigious school. The hero plot is about Marina, a 16-year-old HIV-positive girl.

Critics and the people applauded how they behaved.

Director elite, Ramón Salazar, appeared in an interview Esquire in SpainHe said: "When I read the script, one of the main reasons why I accepted the project was how the HIV issue was placed in the sequence: which character, in which focus".

Watch the video to watch our collection of movies and series that disrupt taboos about HIV / AIDS.

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