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Felipe Avello shakes Telethon night and prepares for Viña


Comedian most often commented on the block that replaced Vedetón. He has already received the invitation of the festival and is currently arranging his contract details.

A quick transition through YouTube, which went on until yesterday afternoon, left more than 200,000 images of the Felipe Avello routine in Telethon and a few hours on social networks. And all of this was the brilliance of the opening night, as a result of the passage through the Crusade. Perhaps, as an example of the current distribution of humor in the country, it is even more like classics such as Bombo Fica or Melón y Melame: the most flippant stand up comedy against Avello's most unconventional routines (Fika, referring to some feminist slogans, )) The rest of the woman staying at home to play football with her husband.

There is another point in this kind of cults that Avello has won on television every time. The organizers of the Viña Festival invited her to integrate the 2019 version. The comedian, according to the sources who know the approaches, is not only with economic amounts, but also with what it looks and style. Usually, the old SQP does not work with multi-defined scripts against the planning of Viña, who wants to review the scenarios before going to Quinta Vergara.

Laughter and ridiculous

At about thirty-three years of age, animators Diana Bolocco and Julian Elfenbein, who were in charge of the block named Madrugatón, without giving any additional explanation to the comedian: day With you, Felipe Avello! Bol, replacing the symbolic Vedetón. Alar Just a few minutes ago, I was asking about how the show looked like: the audience immediately laughs.

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A few minutes later, he initially began to deploy the next Festival based on a trial tried for Viña, assuring him that he had been invited (even though he jokes that the truth is wrong). So he walks on the stage wearing a hat like an American cowboy. Choreography was made by Bonjovi for the theme. He then revealed his grievances about his ugly rebellion, his stories of portonazos, or his humble social ancestry on Lota.

And if he was shouting for a date in the last Festival of Olmé ("they're drilling a hole"), he made another one in Telethon's first exit: "he's collaborating with a huevón!". Eventually, Ivan Zamorano and Juan Pablo Queraltó accompanied him and began to play La uncondicional by Luis Miguel.

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