Sunday , February 28 2021

Fans want Elder Scrolls VI to immortalize a game grandmother

There are millions of fans of Bethesda Game Studios games, but Shirley Curry stands out among them all. If you do not know, this company's time to prepare for the company's titles and games to YouTube. It doesn't seem anything ordinary; However, Shirley is 82 years old and attracts attention. This makes him an important member of the society, and even there are fans who want to be immortalized. Old Scrolls VI.

As reported EurogamerThis campaign started after a reddit user made a comment on Shirley. He commented that Saga could not play the next installment. The reason for this is that he guessed he would be 88 years old first time: Skyrim 6 Come on, I got 88! So I probably can't prove it. "

This comment has reached the hearts of several players. After all, it's painful to think that you don't need to try the next episode of your favorite series of life. So they started a campaign, so Curry was somehow immortalized. Old Scrolls VI. One of the most satisfied ideas is the emergence of a friend.

. It wouldn't be very good to find an old Breton who wants to kick your butt and accompany you, etmen said Reddit's phantom-scribbler. "Take your sword, wear your armor, and say," Come, granddaughter / grandson, and fight out those who are gone. Who doesn't? "

It is not unreasonable for Bethesda Game Studios to decide to give it at the request of its fans. Above all, the company praised a fan like Erik West oblivion Who died in May 2011. No comments for this moment.

And you want Curry to be honored? Old Scrolls VI? Specify us in the comments.

We remind you Old Scrolls VI E3 appeared in 2018. We do not know much about this project as it is currently in an early pre-production phase. If you visit our scope, you can learn more about it.

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