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Fallout 76 newspaper may have legal implications

The chaotic launch of the Fallout 76 continues to give Bethesda's headaches. The press was deprived of analysis, the society returned to it and Now there is the possibility of a class action for the game to malfunction.

One of the top levels of the industry, a Bethesda open world game, at least during the first month (different levels) will be full of errors, he says. Players already know and pay this price for the possibility of plunging themselves into very elaborate and dynamic worlds.

Fallout 76 cases were different. He was having trouble with his beta, including errors that, in the PC version, even erased all files of the game. Even a patch of 47GB released during the first week (bigger than the game itself) managed to offer a solution to all the mistakes that have taken place in the vast world of Appalachia.

Unlike the rest of the games Bethesda, nuclear waste 76 does not have a rich universe, a fun development, a story. atrapant to and memorable characters to manage.

Not surprisingly, after an experience that the company had promised, many PC players began demanding the return of their money. Although the Store Terms and Conditions ensure that the customer does not request a refund when the game is executed, several forum users denialThey don't claim that they've received a refund.

However, this rule has been started to be rejected by users who have entered into force before the open demand wave and are trying to recover their money. "Customers who download the game cannot claim a refund" That was the answer.

All these events and turns came to the ear to the opportunist of a law firm, who claims to have been investigating allegations and who is considering suing illusory business practices. Company Migliaccio & Rathod LLP in the statement Bethesda launched a m highly problematic ına game and now “refuses to pay back to PC buyers who cannot be played due to many technical problems. Beth

"Although the majority of the games were waiting for small problems, the Fallout 76 was released with a 56 GB patch, which proved to be just the beginning of the game's problems." "The game has been denied for players who have requested a refund for many problems, The patches leave them with an experience that cannot be played until they return to a playable state. "

The fact that the law firm can turn these claims into a class action case (which is very few of them) is a sign of Bethesda's storm, beyond the possibilities Fallout has drawn the attention of a law firm.

"Customers who download the game cannot claim a refund," he informed the company players.

The low selling price of the game forced the company to lower its price. The original sixty dollars were forgotten. The title can be obtained in virtual stores from $ 35 for Black Friday offerings, but it has already been permanently reduced to forty dollars in the official store.

Two weeks after the launch, the forty percent discount was not sitting well with full-paying users, so Bethesda launched an irregular compensation campaign.

According to IzaakGoldbaum, a user of the Reddit forum, 500 Atom is added to the company after contact with an Red anger Red. Atoms are one of the game's currencies. They can be used to achieve aesthetic modifications and perform missions at a rate of hundreds of dollars in the game or in real money.

One of the luxury versions of the game | Picture: Bethesda Softworks

When the price difference is 25, the equivalent of five dollars does not seem very fair, especially if it does not apply to all users. Other players followed the example of IzaakGoldbaum, but they did not have the same chance, so no plans were defined yet for the future of the company.

For now nuclear waste 76 is a real problem. The game ranks the worst in the history of Bethesda (after the disastrous Rogue Warrior), players launched a negative campaign in the network and the servers are becoming increasingly empty.

There seems to be two possible consequences in this scenario: Bethesda is fascinated by the game and falls in love with the community again, or Fallout 76 is emancipated by micro-movements as games that have played a lot of role over the years. Place your bets

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