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Exsargento was imposed for the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "The people on the tractor did not fire us" – National


© Agency One Exsargento ordered the death of Camilo Catrillanca:

The statement before the prosecutor came from a former researcher, Carlos Alarcón, who handled the bullet that killed the community member. TVN


There is a new declaration in the investigation of the death of Mapuche comunero. Camilo Catrillanca, On 14 November he was killed by the bullet in the neckline of the police officers.

It made him Former Sergeant Carlos Alarcon, imputed person in four uniforms The bullet that killed the Catrillanca was examined as the police.

Alarcón, as La Tercera said, accepted in the second statementby the prosecutor Jorge Calderón on 17 November and for the first time on 15 November I'd neglect some things:

"I finished my previous statement, stating that we are in this position: After the third obstacle, I should have to go about 15 meters and deal with a blue tractor driven by a subject (in road sections)," he said.

She added: "The first thing I do is instinct to him to stop, to point to the vehicle with my service weapon "and right:" During the time that I do, because I received information from the staff traveling by helicopter (…) I did. Subjects escaped from stolen vehicles and climbed onto a tractor. So I decided to write them. "

Without obeying them, according to the statement, he decided to shoot them: "When I met, I said" alto, carabinero "like expressionsStop there. However, the maneuver of the tractor was short and immediately advanced, leaving me close to the curve. So I decided to do that, I don't remember exactly if I pulled the tractor four or five times ".

Since his idea, he says he is sure the tractor is pointing to the bottom of it, "without determining what to do to the right or left." "It was to stop them."

Added this The tractor proceeded a few yards and stood next to it. He saw this one person hands raised up and he could see it as he approached the tractor. ”The other issue had a head wound (…) and sat right yar.

He also agreed. both Catrillanca and his friend were unarmed and clarified "people in the tractor did not shoot us".

For these facts, the prosecution formalized former sergeant Carlos Alarcón and Raúl Ávila for the crimes committed by the murder, attempting to kill and interfere with the investigation.


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