Saturday , July 2 2022

Enel asked Bocamina for more time to charge the charges


Enel Generación Chile, a company operating the Bocamina thermoelectric plant in Coronel, made a public statement, noting that it decided to disclose its disclaimers for the formulation produced by the Environmental Inspection (SMA).

"Due to the above, the company has requested the extension of the deadline endorsed by the authority." Said.

Olan Enel Generación Chile has improved its management standards and has carried out a series of environmental improvements at the Bocamina facility, a central axis of the company's strategic focus, Şirket the company said.

During this day, the SMA reported that it has filed charges against the company against violations of environmental norms in the Biobío Region.

The projects being questioned are the environmentally sensitive Bocamina Thermoelectric Center Expansion (Second Unit) from RCA N ° 206/2006; "Expansion of Bocamina Thermoelectric Power Plant", RCA N ° 017/2010; and "Optimization Bocamina Second Unit Thermoelectric Power Plant", RCA No. 1 128/2015.

Oscillations, two thermoelectric power plants, Bocamina 1 Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTB1) and Unit 2 were identified during operation of an Continuous Monitoring Program for waste water quality, called the Bocamina 2 Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTB2). According to DS, 90/2000.

On the basis of environmental control reports, the Inspector identified six facts as a violation:

1. CTB1 did not report all parameters specified in the monitoring program.

2. The CTB1 did not report with the required monitoring frequency.

3. CTB1 has exceeded the maximum level allowed for the Fecal Coliform and / or Total Suspended Solids parameter.

4. CTB1 did not report the background associated with the required resampling.

5. CTB2 did not report all parameters specified in the monitoring program.

6. The CTB2 did not report with the required frequency.

These violations are classified as minor, so the company may be subject to a written notice or a fine up to 1,000 (UTA).

After notification of this notification form, Enel Generación Chile S.A. will have 10 working days to submit a Compliance Program (PdC) and 15 working days to formulate relevant disclaimers.

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