Wednesday , December 1 2021

Electronic embarrassment: suspended domestic elections in the UDI due to technical failures in voting


This Sunday, the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) had to be elected internally. However, a problem with electronic voting forced political voters to suspend these elections.

"We can explain to you that it is impossible for the system to be interrupted (the company) to be corrected by the EVO and to answer questions," said UDI Secretary General Issa Kort.

The postponement of the vote was resolved by the Supreme Court of the Party, and Issa Kort said that "both lists undertake this responsibility in the face of cudadanía and above all with seriousness."

Vice President Javier Macaya and Jaqueline van Rysselberghe presiding over the presidency of Sweden 's street community, what they think is disrespect.

Onlara I understand and share the disappointment of the militants, what is the disrespect towards them, itan he concluded.

In a statement, the UDI announced that it was first accepted to repeat the elections on 16 December.

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