Saturday , October 23 2021

Ebola, the town of Congo, is concerned about vaccinations


While the second most serious Ebola epidemic in history, living in a big city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, experts saw the end of an experimental vaccine's reserves, not the demands of an epidemic, but the End.

With over one million inhabitants, Butembo reported the first cases of fatal hemorrhagic fever. This complicates efforts to protect the disease, which is further diminished by insurgent attacks in other areas, which makes it almost impossible to trace the virus in some isolated villages.

Durum We are very concerned about the epidemiological situation in the Butembo area, hakkında said John Johnson, Doctors Without Borders Coordinator in the City. According to the NGO, new cases are increasing rapidly in the eastern suburbs and in the environment and isolated areas.

On August 1, the outbreak was the second most devastating second after the incident that caused more than 11,300 deaths in West Africa a few years ago. The Congo Ministry of Health said on Thursday that there are a total of 473 cases of Ebola, currently 471 deaths.

The ministry could have led to more than 10,000 cases without the work of teams exceeding 41,000 to date.

This is the greatest work of the promising yet experimental Ebola vaccine ever owned by Merck Pharmaceuticals. The company has 300,000 doses in stock and takes several months to develop the drug.

The emergency director of the World Health Organization "We are extremely concerned about the magnitude of the vaccine stock," Peter Salama told STAT, this week. He said that 300,000 doses, which saw more frequent urban epidemics, were not enough.

Health workers and those close to people infected with Ebola receive the drug after the "circular vaccination" plan, but in some cases presented to all inhabitants of difficult-to-reach communities. The spokesperson for the World Health Organization said that vaccines should come almost every week to ensure its procurement.

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