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EA employees hacked for FIFA 20 creator ban

When a game as a service or an annual franchise of a successful video game emerges, we can always rely on content creators to basically inform us about everything that happens in this new release, some popular people manage to influence their buying decisions. followers and sometimes this fanaticism can reach some unhealthy excesses.

A few days ago, several media reports on media expulsion Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech, popular content creator and franchise specialist FifaIn an outburst, Electronic Arts produced content that is considered "intrusive, abusive, and vulgar" in which the player is seen in an outburst motivated by a bad game. FIFA 20, resulting in spitting logo EA who promoted the video game.

Permanent deportation EAprohibiting Kurt0411 Participate in any official company tournament. However, this seems to disturb some of the issues of supporters who are directly opposed to their employees. Electronic Arts Responsible for annual dealership, hacking in social networks that contain messages in favor of their accounts Kurt0411 and false news claiming that his deportation would withdraw.

A representative Electronic Arts with whom Eurogameremployees were the first to specify the security of the affected accounts and temporarily suspended.

On Monday, several FIFA team members were reported to be affected by social media channels following direct attacks on their accounts. The safety of our employees is our top priority, so accounts have been temporarily suspended or disabled..

If unknown EA He is planning some kind of retaliatory action to illegally invade his social accounts, but given the laws, all these actions can be sentenced to imprisonment for those responsible.

FIFA 20 Available on platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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