Friday , October 22 2021

Dry skin, hand and lips, common winter effects


Low temperatures can affect skin in different ways, such as dryness, so the experts of the Mexican Dermatology Foundation.

Mexico, Dec 7 (Notimex) .- Low temperatures can affect the skin in different ways, such as dryness, so experts from the Mexican Dermatology Foundation (FMD) have asked the population to pay special attention this year. year.

Winter season and broken lips, such as red skin, burns, red nose in the nose, hypersensitivity to blood vessels and dry hands are often cracked and itchy.

The head of the foundation, Gladys León Dorantes, stated that "The skin is sensitive to low temperatures and is prone to drying, it has a rough appearance and texture and often itching, itching, burning and more extreme cases," fissure. "

He explained that some worsening injuries during the cold season are psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, which affects 15 to 20 percent of children and is characterized by dry and inflamed skin accompanied by intense itching.

Susana Canalizo Almeida, who is also a member of FMD, pointed out that acne is another problem in which the common cold is complex.

A We can't dry your face because of treatments for controlling pimples, so we want to remove excess fats, so we advise you to talk to a dermatologist to correct the treatment and avoid irritation right now, “he said.

In order to relieve the damage of the skin, especially the face and hands, it was also important to moisturize them, as well as applying a large amount of white cream without color and perfume.

It is important to apply the lip balm several times a day to avoid lips, cracks and dryness. He also suggested avoiding baths with hot water because he tended to dry the skin, so he recommended short baths with warm water.

Experts in dermatology have decided that using sunscreen during this time is very important, especially if you go to snowy areas, the ultraviolet radiation multiplies because of the reflection of the sun's rays in the snow.

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