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Dragon Ball Super, Broly: The second progress of the film is in Spanish [VIDEO]


13 November 2018 22:45.

Mexican Mario Castañeda This week presented the new progress in the Latin-language of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which is expected to be launched worldwide on December 14th.

New tape Goku and his friends will revolve around the origins of three Saiyajínes, who will have a leading role in the survival of this race of powerful warriors.

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Broly, Goku and Vegeta's story

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku brings all its power to the Ultra Instinct, a super fight against Vegeta, which Saiyajin's prince can reach.

Broly It did not appear in this epic of 131 episodes, or rather it was first recognized in the movie Dragon Ball Z: It's burning! Severe, extreme and fiery super war.

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You know that in this movie Broly Hate Goku It was unbearable for his baby to cry.

Second view of Broly Dragon Ball Z: A dangerous duo! Super fighters never sleepalso known as Return of Broly.

The super warrior sleeps under the ice and wakes up Gohan's cry. Together with Trunks and Goku, they measure their forces with an overwhelming energy before a Broly.

Broly & # 39; s last intervention Dragon Ball Z: Super warriors win! Victory will only be for meit turned out to be a failure for the critic, because I had a figure and fear of a fighter.

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