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Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; | Filtered full film + Post Loan scenes + Spoiler? Here's the real | SPOILER NOTICE | Gokú | Freezer | Vegeta | anime


Today, a special feature of the long-awaited film was made. Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39;where are some pages Facebook they said it would be a filtered movie and said it was told by a user after credit With a unique meaning.

The security that Toei used for the confidential transmission of the film was total and maximum, as both the characters of the characters were invited and some of the Japanese journalists were invited. Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; So if you're waiting, we should say that this is not for you.

On the other hand, we should tell you that the information you are reading is provided by Ken Xyro, one of the most respected sources in the world. Dragon Ball & # 39; This often hits such Spoilers.

Without more ado, we're going: POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING!

We will try to summarize it as much as possible, so do not fill with Spoiler and worsen the entire film. The film began with the emergence of Frieza on the planet Vegita, where he would begin his plan with genocide known by all (the explosion with a supernova). This is where Bardock appears. He is the father of Goku, who has already smelt what the tyrant drew.

It was also revealed that the plan was to eliminate the planet by creating a threat to Frieza. & # 39; observer & # 39; through, every warrior from which more than 2000 power is born will be pulverized. That was the case Broly and when King Vegeta learned of Frieza's intentions, the ego had a cross and sent it to the planet Vampa, followed by Paragus chasing it a few minutes before the Vegita planet exploded.

After that, you see the images Goku the day after everyone had lunch at the house of Bulma after the power tournament with the dragon ball on one side; However, Goten and Trunks realized that someone was missing, and everyone here started a journey to a profitable place that could be seen in progress.

Once here Goku If someone is very strong and you feel yes, who do you think he is, BrolyJust remember that you had been there and just continued to try to kill and win back his life, but also after the Frieza (& # 39; Power Tournament). Goku, Vegeta and all those beings that constitute a threat to him Broly); However, Paragus' son Z & # 39; and the whole film begins to fight.

Fight & # 39; live fire & # 39; and the first to fall Vegetacan do nothing before anyone's power Broly but GokuWith the super saiyan blue, you'll be able to use the & # 39; It has. Frieza sees this, and there is a comeback of the way Goku becomes the super-saiyan. This decides to do the same, as in Namekusei, where Krillin explodes, 39 kill two birds with one stone Bu. Make the most of Broly. Victim? His father Paragus (yes, never to mention a legendary super-saiyan or something like that) was killed by the cold assassin of Frieza.

Wildly, he starts to fight with Goku, dear 'warrior Z & # 39; He stretches our land and is completely hurt and eaten by what he thinks to escape the ground. Here's where Piccolo appears and telepathically communicating with Goku, and it gives you the courage it needs right now, as this is where the hero takes Vegeta and where Piccolo is. place. While Frieza was being tortured by Broly himself, the snow became a complete chaos and explosion everywhere.


With Piccolo they once went where Kamisama had thought of the way in Finding & others and where they could defeat Broly. Goku The merger suggested. Vegeta completely refuses to carry out the actions, but finding him makes sense and the prince urgently could not do because he stepped on it, but one problem arose.

Three times Goku and Vegeta try to unite, and not until the fourth when they get it; For the first time, Gogeta is transformed into the fat version, the second into a thin version, and the third is a non-perfect intermediate product. The fourth achieves the transformation and sees that the famous and beloved Gogeta will fight on the stage.

When it comes to the & # 39; Gold & # 39; Frieza escaped from the ground. This is where the resource breaks ğı dimensions ğı (we don't understand very well what we mean here) and starts the last war between Gogeta. Broly Everything in your way is destroyed.

Broly obtains its highest power and is out of control, so you can find the & # 39; Z fighters & # 39; He was surprised. Broly sees him, and before dawn, he starts throwing the blows to the left and right without any problems. later, gogeta He becomes Super Saiyan Blue and begins to take control of the fight and as he is about to start his final attack, Broly disappears.

Chelye (with whom can you sympathize Broly Since he had met him on the planet Vampa, he managed to rescue the warrior after asking about Dragon Long, as he gathered Dragon Ball and asked him to teleport back from the dragon to the home planet and teleport the dragon to him.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; He ends up looking at the brilliance of Friza & # 39; s Shen Long & expects a wish, and it wants it to be higher. Kikono, one of his close and addicts, states that he is in the second and third form. He shook his head in the freezer head and wanted the final.


Here comes the end of the film and the credits that the audience would like to thank for the attendance, but nobody expected. Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; To have a post credit scene to tell you in the future.

In a particular part of the tape, Goku mention "Broly He was not evil, nothing satanic on the scale of feeling and moving beyond his control.So he goes to visit him on the planet where Broly is located, and once he is activated, he gives him a Find capsule in which he creates enough food and an entire house in which he talks to Broly, and finally remains a friend. When he leaves the place with Whis, he accepts himself as Sayayin and is called Say Kakaroto O.

On the other hand, the statement was taken into account Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; There is a certain margin of error, and we also summarize all the tapes so you can enjoy the best of cinema.

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