Friday , June 24 2022

“Doesn't it seem to me to think like you?”: Strong discussion between Alberto Plaza and Mariana Derderian


Alberto Plaza returned to the ring arena for his music but not for a polemic. The singer-songwriter was asked about the Gender Identity Law and attacked Daniela Vega and said that the national actress sorul perceived herself as a woman Şark. can't force me to have the same perception. I will see what I see. I see a man playing the role of a woman".

“How could a man be a woman? How can you be a woman before a body? This means that the soul is a man or a woman, and it is the spirit of being a woman or a human being that is the spirit of Daniela Vega, What kind of man gets you before you take a body and take a body. At that moment he added Alberto Plaza to Cooperativa.

The translator of "Ahora es Miguel" also supports his book "Degree" Claro que no dará mismo.

I I know you were talking about me yesterday, and I wanted to use my right to answer, because it's important to answer everything, v said Alberto Plaza, animators, and before the morning panel, he said, ord There were mainly dissenting opinions. And that's not the strategy, Tonka, this is an editorial book I think of for many years. "

But the actress was involved in an argument because Mariana Derderian accused her of treating her as "violent" for her words about Daniela Vega.

Im But this is not the intention, ”he said, saying that Dervier had said, all opinions are valid and I do not believe in the views especially of disbelief in. If you were informed, you wouldn't say most of it. the things you say don't have normal or abnormal children, schools are not wrong. "

From that day on a long dispute over which Glamorama was recruited on the screen:

Alberto Plaza: "Schools are not wrong?

Mariana Derderián: "When they support the children of this situation. No, they are not wrong"

Plaza: "I'm sorry. Schools are wrong, but in this case, I support and support them when they support children."

Derderian: "You don't support them, Alberto … Support is different. Do you know the definition of support?"

"What you said about schools, they were wrong. And I don't remember … they were beavers, what the schools did is a humble", that was the exact meaning of the word. "

Plaza: "I didn't say school."

Derderian: "In a video, Alberto"

Plaza: I said, "I'm a bastard, but I don't mean schools."

Derderian: "We could go back to study the tape because I have an impression that's what you're saying."

Plaza: "I'm sorry, Mariana, I'm going to discuss again and again that there is a racket for those who teach early childhood to childhood.

Derderian: "I know you're three years old. I'm telling you, I have a little girl of three years, they know and know their taste perfectly. I didn't teach them if they needed a car, a dinosaur, or a baby. I didn't teach them that. It's pure nature."

Plaza: "And at that age, how do they know how they produce, their emotions, their sexuality?"

Derderian: "What does this have to do with it?"

Plaza: "Is that what I'm saying?"

Derderian: "You don't have to see this. They're not sexualized beings in that age. But they have a definition of what they have and what is clear. If your son wants to play rouge, when he is five years old to paint his mouth, his nature is clear. Do not you see him like this?"

Plaza: "I miss you very much, despair like you don't think like you"

Derderian: "No, I'm not desperate. I don't know what the border is. For me, for example, the border is hate messages. I think the views of hatred are the limit for everyone, from where they came from."

Plaza: "I agree"

Derderian: "Then, then, I don't know whether you're an infinity or unlimited, because the thought of a pedophile doesn't think of it. And I don't think of any thought of hatred as you showed it yesterday. So, I don't know whether there are boundaries or not. I do not understand that you do not want, I do not understand.

Plaza: ”I understand, you don't understand me, but I have all my thoughts“

Derderian: "I don't understand you, and I think you are very uncomfortable. It is very difficult for you to understand the rest of the world."

Plaza: "I accept and understand"

Tonka Tomicic: "Do you want to be in politics?"

Plaza: "No, I am not interested in."

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