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Do not be afraid if you have vitiligo, you can check


I There was no itching, no pain or anything at all, there was only one small spot geler, Mr. Miller Castaño revealed how he discovered that his skin has lost vitiligo or color in large areas of the skin. World population

A few years ago, Chilean Don Miller, who lived in Chile, tried to go to the doctor to make a statement for 39 manchita, alı but the shortage of experts in Chile kept him from being sure of the problem.

"I was in Curicó, Chile, and I became only two dermatologists for the whole city and of course I tried to contact him and I didn't have much time, and I couldn't visit any of them," he explained.

The man made use of the Federico Lleras Acosta Dermatology Center to go to the country hospital to find a clear diagnosis of what was happening on his skin.

Dermatologist Victoria Franco said, karakter The patient came because she had consulted a month after the onset of symptoms, and vitiligo was a disease characterized by very aesthetically pleasing white dots (D).

Vitiligo is the destruction of the skin's color cells (melanocytes), although it is not known exactly what it is, because it has genetic, environmental, hormonal and stress factors that can support its appearance.

"The skin self-examination is very important and we can see any point we will see quickly, because what happens in vitiligo is more difficult to consult and treat when people usually have a long-term evolution in their own stages." Franco says.

Miller, for his work as a merchant, argues that it must be exposed to the rays of the sun. Before this, experts advise to use protective elements such as sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats for long periods of contact with the sun. Suffering from vitiligo.

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