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Diablo 2 Producer: "Blizzard no longer knows which video games are not" | Blizzcon | Diablo Immortal | World of Warcraft | Mark Kern | PC games | Video games


Last Revelation Immortal Devil Blizzcon became one of the biggest chain reactions and debates in the world of video games this year in 2018. Hundreds of epic fans diablo Diablo Immortal: They've rejected what their favorite series will be, what's the new mobile game. they added Mark Kernmanufacturer of the legendary Diablo 2.

Perhaps as an industry expert to demonstrate the denial of the Blizzard attack PC gamesIn the mobile video games market, according to all its orbit and reputation, Mark Kernis one of the most important games of this developer, the producer of Diablo 2.

Diablo 2 Mark Kern

Mark Kern Immortal Devil

Mark Kern is a former Blizzard employee who works as an acclaimed producer. Diablo 2, perhaps the most admired version of Diablo in all the franchises. Kern also worked for the leading team World of Warcraft. His other projects include the establishment of Red 5 Studios, which was closed last year.

The nest of reviews by Kern was a long clue in Twitter, and the producer said, "I hate to say this, but how do you witness Blizzard?" no longer understand video games".

"There's nothing wrong with having a mobile version of Diablo. Actually, I'd like it as an option. form I am surprised that the failure, presentation and failure of the Blizzard administration to anticipate the enormous denial of the administration. snowstorm I knew the player community well, Oyuncu he said.

Diablo 2

World of Warcraft

Kern also noted that, in time, such a move would not be possible. "Blizzard never asked, because hardcore players top to bottom. In my day, I would tell the developers of my office outside the queue would be a bad idea, ofis he explained.

Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft, published by Blizzard at the beginning of the millennium, and are considered the greatest works of Blizzard. Approximately 20 years later, Diablo Immortal, part of the series designed for mobile phones, is being developed with NetEase.

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