Wednesday , December 1 2021

Denise Rosenthal competes: Tonny Tomicic's comic laughter on Telethon | notes


In the afternoon, one of the most anticipated parts of the day of telethon, Julian Elfenbein Made a special edition Pasapalabra toWith two teams of local celebrities.

Iván Zamorano, Carmen Gloria Arroyo and Fernando Godoy creating a blue team Tonka Tomicic, Cristián Sánchez and Karen Doggenweiler Orange joined the team.

In the previous, they all accepted themselves as followers of the Chilevisión program, but when they started, this episode was put forward after a series of mistakes that made one of the funniest of the afternoons.

"Pasapalabra, pasalabra," Sanchez should not repeat in the game, creating oddity in the driver. Fen You said you saw the program, be Elfenbein challenged them in one of the moments of laughter.

Lapse caused the brutality of Tomicic, which took a few seconds to attain the risk required for the "Guess the song", one of the program's most popular exams.

The laughter of Tonka has been immortalized in a few traps by social network users.

"It was for a cell phone ring tone", "To compete with this infectious, Viñuela and Pancho Saavedra", there were some reactions on social networks.

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