Saturday , February 27 2021

Denise Rosenthal brings her name against the man who insulted her | TV and Shows

According to statistics, most people gather at the weekend in Chile, football, football, rodeo and sexiness.

However, there is no need for gyms, stadiums or courts, which have been much more implemented. We refer to our popular and never-balanced hair.

On this occasion, singer and actress Denise Rosenthal was the victim of a back comment, but she heard it. At that minute – and with an expression of testimony – to him somehow, Paty put the spirit of Cofré.

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

During the program Someone has to do this between Large radio, commentator Balancing in Balance He said an event left a technician silently behind the scenes to call him "Denise Zorrental".

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

& # 39; niche & # 39; He explained how it happened: "He says one of the technicians is nice, stay with Denise Zorrental." And I listened to huea po, then I left the tent and what did you say?.

Of course you can use the & # 39; character & # 39; the width didn't and kept quiet, then try to fix it without fixing it. Here's the moment.

The national artist has a good time to achieve excellent results in his latest singles. stringsin the first parts of the trends YouTube Chile.

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