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Deadpool's creator asks Hugh Jackman to pass with Wolverine.


Given that recently, Hugh Jackman refused to return as Wolverine, the creator of Deadpool sends an elaborate invitation / explanation to the player.

Did they find them? Hugh Jackman She kindly refused (and umpteenth time to return) as likely to Wolverine something other than a cameo, beside Deadpool. He's already joking.Ryan Reynolds He tried it in every way, "but he won't.

Well, this time he is in favor of a Reynolds impasse passage On the big screen, between Wolverine and pork mercenary soldiers, but the creator of Marvel Comics' Deadpool, Rob Liefeld!

This is Liefeld Lin Instagram:

"Dear Hugh Jackman: Just to be sure of your final comment, yes, we definitely want the fans to have the deepest love and excitement we can see as Ryan's Deadpool back as Wolverine. Wolverine is my favorite character in the history of comics, has inspired every aspect of the creation of Deadpool! Please, once you have spoken of some unforgettable moments, I can guarantee the reaction of the audience in a way I have never experienced before! Pay attention to the possibility of drawing more! "

"Father of Deadpool", Jackman, proposed that both characters adapt Wolverine # 154-155, one of the most memorable springs through which Marvel comics cross the paths.

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You think Jackman's thinking about that again?

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