Sunday , November 29 2020

DC lays down constitutional charges against Luis Mayol in charge of the Catrillanca case

Following the government's support for the mayor of La Araucanía, Luis Mayol, the opposition lawmakers Emilia Nuyado (PS) and Carmen Hertz (PC) are opposed to regional authority and likewise Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick.

Indeed, regarding the continuity of Mayol in the office, Hertz "It sounds like a scandal to me. Iyor iyor He sounds like a scandal. The government is lying in the face of the death of the young Camilo Catrillanca, and in his eyes and in the light of the militarization policy of La Araucanía.

"We must use all control tools before the national turmoil, and one of these tools is undoubtedly the assessment of constitutional charges against the mayor." He remains in his post despite his lies, and so is not a valid interlocutor to the people of Mapuche. And also blame for the Minister of Interior "the communist deputies added.

Parallel to these questions, the head of the DC head after 3:30 pm on Tuesday Matías Walker The party in the corridors of the congress Luis Mayol will be charged with constitutional charges against.

"We have agreed at a meeting to promote the constitutional charge against Mayor Mayol. In La Araucanía, we believe there is a responsibility for serious problems in recent public order, especially in voiced voices and expressions that have influenced public order, an said Walker.

DC leader added this Mayol combined Catrillanca's murder with criminal acts taking place in Ericle. Rather than appeasing souls, rather than supporting social peace, the only thing that caused the mayor to be mistakenly appointed was an act of violence by an operation order in which the government announced the public with drums and cymbals that it did not fulfill its present purpose. to seek social peace. "

"Clearing the Constitution"

The DC attacker, hoping to see broad support from the opposition, is known at the Chilean parties. This is done by RN and vice president Mario Desbordes. "No legal reason" For the constitutional charge he calls "blackmail".

"Clearing the Constitution"added legislator with accusation "Lack of maturity and republican criteria"by the deputies of the opposing bloc.

Parallel to this, Desbordes said, ı Whether DC has the necessary support to make the accusations come true? "The sectors that refuse to give salt and water to the government will support them, but I hope this is hopeful". Ti There were dozens of facts in the government (New Majority) and they did nothing “, he said.

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