Friday , June 24 2022

David Pizarro: I thought I was going to retire somewhere else and now happily U | spore


David Pizarro got excited after the tie obtained by U against Iquique, saying he finally said farewell to the title of the case.

About it, "he said.Unfortunately, we couldn't break an iron defense like Iquique and unfortunatelybecause we felt we could take it to the end. çünkü

As for what he lived in front of the heavenly Dragons, he agreed.We didn't have a chance on other occasions. We need to fight for the second place that provides direct access to Copa Libertadores.".

As for retirement, Pizarro admitted that he was happy because "then I didn't do what I wanted to do when I came to Chile".

Liman I want to go back to the port for the social issue (Valparaíso), as always, I am connected to the social issue. I thought I would retire somewhere else and now I'm retired in Universidad de Chile."Thank you for living on your romantic trip," he said.

”The reaction of today's U people is the biggest reward they can give me for me“.

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