Wednesday , October 20 2021

CS: GO is already in his battle royale -Danger Zone-have and it's free to play


After we wait and get angry Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve already has a big update promised. Among all the innovations, rumors stand out and now formal mode war royaleDanger zone– and this myth shooter being freefree to play-.

CS: GO Hazard Zone This is a battle for royale 16 players if you play just and 18 if you do in a group. Frenzied action and short-term games – 10 minutes – The vampire is currently involved in the video game industry fashion.

Danger Zone is set on the map BlackSiteand, as in other games, players must choose the place where they started the game and look for weapons, kits and all kinds of materials to survive and try to reach victory. In addition, the usual mechanics with toxic and safe zones are applied, so the active map will be smaller as the game progresses.

Guns in the Dangerous Zone perform the same damage as in CS: GOBut the health of the players is 120, so they can get rid of situations that result in death in the normal game. Valve surprised all users and ready to battle royale now.

Prominent players like MichaelshroudGrzesiek has already tried and you can imagine the result.


Decided as valve, Dota 2. CS: GO becomes completely free. The game had a price of 14 € 99, ​​but after that adopted the format free to playThe number of players will increase further.

Battle Royale and free model, two decision With Valve, you can report a fantastic end of the year with CS: GO.

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