Tuesday , October 19 2021

Crypto currencies: Santander celebrates the Supreme Court's decision and says "logical"


Anyway, the senior manager of the business was open to doing business with agents after it was organized.

The Supreme Court's decision, which guarantees that bank accounts are closed to cryptocurrency operators, continues to produce responses.

Claudio Melandri congratulated Claudio Melandri on the second version of "La Voz del Mercado" research conducted by EY with Banco Santander 's stock exchange: "I am very happy because he was there." contradiction "

"I have nothing against the crypto-currency industry, but banks have an obligation to know the origin and goal of the funds and the unknown crypto-currency industry," the bank's general manager, controlled by Spanish capital, said. .

Melandri said, "The government has made sense for me, because it supports the regulation of the banks and is paying attention to the origin and destination of funds for the prevention of money laundering, the financing of terrorism, drug trafficking, etc."

The chairman of the organization said that when there is a deposit in banks of unknown origin, the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) has to be informed, on the one hand we have this arrangement and, on the other hand, we have to work with a company that is not clear about the origin and target of the Funds. "

Melandri, however, was open to the crypto-money industry and said, faaliyet Once this is open and organized, we are happy to have operated, because it is a charity Ancak.

Transbank & # 39; s departure

Melandri waited for the next steps after Santander's decision to withdraw from the Transbank acquisition network.

”In April we will go to a model of the exchange rate, and most importantly, it will not affect any customers, none of them will be aware of, bir he said.

It should be reminded that Santander can release its output from Transbank. "On the recommendation of the antitrust authority in Chile, which proposes the transition to this four-part model."

The Bank stated that being an independent player in the payment media sector would have no negative impact on its operations: "We do not see any significant change in tariff revenues."

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