Friday , July 23 2021

Covid-19 outbreak on Easter Island? Seremi de Salud de Valparaíso eliminates 98 infections reported in Rapa Nui: “It was caused by an error in the finger piercing procedure.”

By 106. Epidemiological Report Published by the Ministry of Health this afternoonAs of March 25, Rapa Nui has experienced an alarming increase in coronavirus cases, reports a total of 98 active infections, thus reaching a total of 113 accumulated Covid-19 cases.

If true, this figure has been a major focus of concern considering so far. Only 10 Covid-19 cases accumulated on Easter Islandand since healthcare management, due to its insulting situation, can be much more complex than controlling the pandemic in the first place, many measures have been taken to protect its population.

Currently in Rapa Nui Total population of 8,277 peoplehence the resulting incidence rate was 1,184, making it one of the worst indices in the country

However, this afternoon from Valparaíso Health Seremi reported that everything was due to an error in fingering infections and the number of new cases on the island remained at zero.

“Seremi de Salud de la Región de Valparaíso makes it clear that the figures in the Epidemiological Report, available on the Ministry of Health’s website, are incorrect, referring to the current number of cases on Easter Island,” he said this afternoon. . through an explanation.

This situation was caused by an error in the data entry process of Hanga Roa Hospital, After being warned by our Seremía de Salud and our Hanga Roa Hospital, they stated in the document the status of notification and notification to the Ministry for correction as reflected in the next epidemiological report.

Previous errors were already reported in the report, as with the María Pinto commune, which emerged with 218 new cases in two days In the 9th report.

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