Saturday , June 25 2022

Controversial airway algorithm blames more families to sit together


They define the sad and sad family bond and are charged extra when choosing a seat.

The British Minister for Digital and Creative Industries, Margot James, made an unfortunate statement: Airlines will pay more families to travel together on flights.

It seems to be amazing, the airlines take advantage of the fact that it was not arranged to determine when a family was traveling and to apply an additional fee when choosing their seats. If they do not pay, they are located in remote seats.

He described the algorithm as a code to "deceive the people". This is what the Independent UK report said:

Some airlines have created an algorithm to identify passengers with the same last name traveling together. They tend to divide the passengers and the family gets more paid when they want to travel together.

Passengers have begun to realize that although they have disputed this year, they have left their relatives since June 2017 unless they pay more for seats. Airline Ryanair is one of the eyebrows of the authorities, despite their denial.

In a survey of 4,296 people, he discovered that more frequent flying with Ryanair was more frequent: 35 percent of the respondents left and opted not to pay extra.

According to the same media, the issue will be examined by the Government, this week, by the Center for Ethics and Innovation of Data to identify and address areas where clear guidelines and regulations are needed on how customer data is used. .

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