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Construction workers and their families were thrilled with winning prizes in Punta Arenas


Construction workers and their families were thrilled with winning prizes in Punta Arenas

  • At the age of 30, the famous Teatro Cinema company (El Troppa) was presented by the Chilean Construction Room at the "El Sueño de MO" and "Gemelos", Punta Arenas Cultural Center.

One of the most important works of the national dramaturgy like Gemelos and the "El sueño de MO" was the theatrical pieces presented by the Chilean Department of Construction (CChC) and its Cultural Entity. A two-day meeting this Saturday focused on employees in the construction sector and the families of 500 people.

Cristóbal Bascuñán, head of the CChC Punta Arenas Social Council, said: ler We are very happy to be able to open cultural venues in our city and we have stated that the collaborators of our partner companies have access to the activities of this artistic quality in particular. Presented by one of the most important companies in the country and internationally known as the Teatro Cinema ".

The first day of the afternoon was focused on the little ones who could have fun with the ü MO's dream sun, a staging that tried to travel, imagine, and open the imagination of a sincere being. you'll have fun adventures and go through different landscapes where you'll dig up important learning.

"This event was very nice, especially for the children who were enthralled. It was an excellent offer in the room, especially for the family," said CChC, partner with his two daughters, aged 7 and 5, and Senercom, the partner company of Punta Arenas. employee Angel Ruiz.

On the other hand, the play "Gemelos" was performed in the morning of 19:00 and the two brothers told their stories in the context of the Great War. This scenario is a scenario where they will be forced to start a self-learning process that will help them. Pain, hunger, perpetual humiliation, abandonment, harassment, corruption, death and finally their own and definite separation. This study was a turning point by proposing a new theater language based on a strong visual and a large sectoral and technical practice in our country.

"We need better quality games like this in Magallanes, so events like this are very important. I came with my family and had a lot of fun," he said.

The "Gemelos" meeting was recognized in America, Europe and Asia, and was named Best Work by the Association of Art Critics, the APES Journalists Association and four Altazor Awards, best known for its Best Art Awards in Chile. Dramaturgy, Actor and Actor.

It should be noted that these games are part of social programs that focus on four distinct areas of Chilean Construction's member companies: Health, Education, Housing and Welfare, which want to improve quality of life. Development opportunities of construction workers and their families.

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