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Conmebol is firm: "River – Boca is played 17 years old, no doubts" – 11/25/2018


Despite the "gentlemen's agreement" between the presidents of the River and Boca, the 2018 Copa Libertadores will continue to superfinal. This Sunday, in the midst of the growing rumors around Xeneize's intention, does not object to the anti-return dispute, Conmebol's president, Alejandro DomínguezIt strengthened the idea of ​​playing the game as planned.

"The game was played at the age of 17, Boca did not make any presentations. The game is played, do not hesitate"The leader assured.

Expressions to channel Fox SportsThe president of the South American organization said in a speech on Saturday after taking a break from the meeting, "a group incompatible"The reason for the scandal.

He confirmed that, based on the possibility of a presentation by Mouth to postpone the match, he would not make any analysis of the propositions.

“I cannot speak of assumptions, I will not refer to assumptions or rumors. Today we have an agreement that the game is at 17:00 becauseor nothing that changes your mind right now"Said.

In addition, regarding statements by Carlos Tevez and Darío Benedetto as an alleged repercussion of Conmebol on the River, Dominguez said he would not comment, but un never forced to play a game Ek. players.

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