Monday , June 27 2022

Congress calls on the army commander to clarify the situation


For Next Birthday November 27 Emergency calls are made to the Chamber of Defense and the Senate. Alberto Espinaand the commander of the army, Ricardo MartínezTo clarify the situation of the institution.

This week, an appointment sound with 900 officers was leaked at the Military School, where General Martinez acknowledged that he had sold weapons to drug-trafficking groups. He also wanted to protect the military pension system with "teeth and teeth".

There are various reactions from the political sector. Assistant and member of the National Defense Commission, Jaime Tohá (PS) you just don't have to condemn.

"We can't just condemn these situations politically and we should take them seriously and seek a solution for these situations.".

By the way, the pair Marcelo Schilling (PS) Referring to the general statements about the pension system, he said, aya as explained, these words are inspired by the fact that army officials cannot continue to do and maintain their jobs in order to inspire a certain chaos. irregularities. So I'il keep half the glass full".

UDI Deputy: Sorry not enough

UDI from deputy Álvaro CarterAt the same time a member of the Defense Commission said, "The apologies offered by the commander are politically sufficient, but not for people. How is it possible to know only files with a filtered record?".

"You know there are weapons of war out there in the towns people will continue to suffer, and this brings another advantage: Is Carabineros ready to face these weapons? Most likely"he questioned.

By the way, the president, senator Jacqueline Van RysselbergheThis has slightly reduced the profile and, despite the fact that anlı what is happening is not the best form of infiltrations neden, it probably allowed the general to hand over to the Ministry of Public Affairs.

Emez No one can think that when you talk to 800 people, none of them will be able to speak or filter the background. I think he's been planning to provide background to the prosecutor's office since he made that meeting."He reassured.

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