Wednesday , April 14 2021

Colo Colo contacted Martín Lasarte in search of Héctor Tapia | spore

We talked about two coaches who were very interested this week. Colo Colo change Hector Tapia technical aspects of the team José Pekerman and Mario SalasBoth options are currently looking away.

Due to the above, the albo box is looking for a plan c and as reported by ADN Deportes on Wednesday, They met an old Chilean football: Martín Lasarte.

Former coach of Universidad de Chile He received a phone call to see the availability and economic claims of Black and White.The truth is that he is very interested in Pedreros, although he doesn't have more details about what is being discussed or what the Uruguayan replied.

In this way, Cacique added a new option Thus, the team will manage the 2019 season.

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