Friday , December 3 2021

Colo Colo closes his year in front of his people and resigns with a crew from Tapia before U. de Conce.


Cacique takes the title of Campanile against UC, because it is classified into the South American Cup, without a goal. However, in front of your people should make a more sweet impression.

Colo ends the year for Colo and with him the second cycle of Héctor Tapia, Cacique's DT & # 39;. The last game of the season will be played today at Monumental. Conca.

The Campanile changes the last option to the title and Popular. To be classified in the South American Cup. Nevertheless, he has to make a better impression in front of his people returning to Pedrero.

Misses, yeah, it's Tito's turn of the day. Not today Julio Barroso, Jaime Valdés, Jorge Valdivia, Carlos Carmona and César Pinares for injuries Esteban Paredes You must meet your second penalty date.

Thus, the most likely Colo Colo formation would be the following:

The match will start 5:30 in the morning. and you can hear it #DaleAlbo's Directo at and 5:00 pm, also, if you are in Antofagasta, Atacama or Coquimbo areas, Radio Madero FM.

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