Monday , December 6 2021

Coffee consumption associated with longevity


Scientists from the Biomedical Research Center for Nutrition and Biomedical Networking (CIBEROBN) in Spain have spent more than 20,000 volunteers from all over Spain for a decade, and have a longer lifespan related to coffee consumption. they found.

The study found that, with parity in related factors such as age, those consuming conventional coffee were significantly associated with lower mortality. The effect was observed in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee; both soluble and machine.

With parity in related factors, such as age, consuming coffee in a familiar manner is significantly associated with low mortality.

According to the study data published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, protection was the strongest in people aged 55 years and over and tended to a clear dose response between 1 and 6 cups per day.

The Navarra Health System's cardiologist and the author, Adela Navarro, is already known to have no risk of high blood pressure in the long term. Uz We now see clear benefits from all causes of the risk of death. This supports the benefits of their consumption. "

Estefanía Toledo, professor and director of the University of Navarra, states that the results are in line with that of other new cohorts and are using meticulous methods to assess the impact of coffee, such as the EPIC study or EUREYE. The -spam.

However, a new aspect of the new study is that benefits are sustained even with 4-6 cups of coffee consumed per day, especially in the elderly where mortality is mainly caused by chronic diseases.

More coffee, lower mortality?

Therefore, when checking how good alternative explanations for causality were, the inverse relationship remained clearer: more coffee, lower total mortality.

The effect was observed in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee; both soluble and machine

According to the authors, Tur There is no risk that the trial will be affected by older patients, ie those who will leave coffee because they have a disease before.

For professionals, benefits could not be explained with a single component because coffee Düşünmek It is a complex mixture of these substances, and there are many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties among them, and it seems reasonable to think that they act in synergy. “

"While defending a healthy diet or habits, we take away everything they want from people. There are many people who love coffee. These data are known as firm and precise", Miguel A. Martínez-González, another author.

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