Saturday , July 2 2022

Cobresal and Cobreloa to take part in the First mining classic a seeking a promotion to First Division | football


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Cut the hand. Cobresal this Saturday will take Cobreloa in One-way duel of the final it will deliver The first B & # 39;

Both tables maintained a continuous duel in the second half of the year, but none Kingdom of CoquimboHe became the champion of the category and the first player in the First Division next year.

At the regular stage, Cobreloa came in second with 52 pointsHe allowed the second promotion to remain in the definition and wait for the opponent to come to the league.

That picture is over Cobresal, He was third with 51 points on a regular basis and he discussed with the league. Before Santiago Morning and then Santiago WanderersThis last series, & # 39; albinaranjas & # 39; gave an exciting result in the classification of discounts.

The duel will play this Saturday at 5: 30., in El Cobre Stadium in El Salvador.

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