Tuesday , May 17 2022

China began planning 6G


Chinese researchers began to explore concepts that would be the sixth generation of mobile technology., a time Asian country still supports the commercialization of 5G networks, gathered on Thursday, according to private Chinese media.

China In 2020 6G mobile technology will officially begin with Research and Development (R & D) For the purpose of Market in 2030.

Said Water XinChina's head of the working group to develop the 5G network of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology The 6G network extends coverage to higher altitudes and delivers a transmission rate of 1 terabyte per secondI mean, a 10 times faster speed than 5G technology.

"5G has three advantages: great bandwidth, low latency and broad links, well, 6G will perform better in these three scenarios," the official Securities Times said in a statement. He said the revolution could revolutionize the structure. "

In March of this year, the portfolio minister, Miao WeiChina will start this year to explore ways to explore and develop 6G technology, which provides detailed information about the Chinese technology portal this year. Yesky.

By platform "6G network will contribute to the development of the digital interconnection of everyday objects with internet and improving satellite communication mobile networks. "

Meanwhile, companies China Mobile On November 9, he announced the company's vice president, to continue to promote the commercialization of 5G for commercial and commercial purposes. Li HuidiV during the World Internet Conference.

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