Wednesday , October 20 2021

Chile continues to host Amazon data center despite fear of earthquake fear | economy


Which country Amazon It will host your data center in South America. Chile and Argentina are countries that see it as an option as a company to continue to develop expansion plans for this part of the American continent, which began in Colombia.

Of course, the e-commerce giant of the United States, Chile would be the chosen optionbut so far there is nothing concrete. In addition, one of the top executives realized that there were concerns about our country due to the earthquake.

In a seminar with journalists from the region, the highest authority in the cloud computing industry in the city of Las Vegas, America. Teresa Carlson"We will go to Chile, but the statements conveyed by the Argentinian media iProUP, the event should not be affected by such situations should evaluate the location well," he said.

Carlson is asked about the date of construction of the construction site from the same trans-Andean environment New data center in South Americashe replied: "We don't have a moment. For a while we'll have several regions in Latin America, we'll even have different areas."

Moreover, in his reply the manager warned directly by referring to the situation in our country. remains an option but they are afraid of being a seismic country.

"I didn't know there were too many earthquakes to use Chile as an example. Then, frankly, this is a variable that needs to be considered.

He assured them that the economic impact of Amazon's arrival in countries such as Chile or Argentina is unlikely to be particularly detailed. How will it affect the local economy arrival of the company.

. When we arrived, we looked at the economic situation of the country. One of the first steps we take is sharing with the local government ".

He continued his reply by saying ına When we create thousands of professions and we collect partners, I can say this Cev.

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