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Causes of the Queen's unsuccessful presentation in Chile


This is 24 November 27 years have passed Freddie MercuryThe vocalist of the Queen of England group.

This new monument of his death was among the film's successes.Bohemian Rhapsody"The second most seen in Chilean theaters so far.

The participation of the Chilean people in theaters is not only about having more information about the vocalist's life, but also a small disappointment that lived in our country fanatic.

And is this queen never landed on Chile Freddie Mercury I live, however, was very close.

In the middle of the round "Business Tour"One of the longest in the world and meaning of its presentation Rock in Rio de BrazilThe British group considered the possibility to realize Latin America in different countries.

With Brazil, Mexican, Argentina and Chile was possible destinations. Second, he designed a concert. National stadium.

You want to play in the most important gym in our country. In 1984 too. In fact, the group I had a reservation on January 24, 1985. To please the Chilean people with their music.

However, despite the desire, everything was disappointed by the intervention of the dictatorship. Augusto Pinochet.

The book shows, "History Music FreakAccording to Joaquín Barañao, Lucia HiriartThe current widow of the dictator was warned by Margarita Riofrío, the wife of the Navy Commander, José Merino.

"(Riofrio) he was very shocked by your hair (Brian) may & # 39;I want to be freeLenmiş They are imitating the characters of a British telenovela en Coronation Street ler, where they appear to be concealed as women. In her opinion, Mercury preferred homosexuality among young people"Tells the text.

This was an effort to prevent the British group from introducing themselves. It finally took place in Chile.

After the unsuccessful presentation, queen He continued to increase his prestige in the worldwide music scene. In Chile, one day the belief that they would land on Chile was preserved..

But, all hope light ended November 24, 1991When the death of Freddie Mercury is confirmed, however, the next departure of the group.


Bohemian Rhapsody: How did the Queen create her legendary song?

He is 44 years old, takes 5:55 minutes and is a mix of ballad, opera and hard rock. This is the last film published by the legendary song of the Queen of the British band, "Bohemian Rhapsody" and other members of Freddie Mercury and the group.

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