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"Catrillanca Piñera is not Caval, because it does not weaken the support base"


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Cristóbal Bellolio, a political analyst and professor at the University of Adolfo Ibáñez, confirmed that Luis Mayol was a matter of time before La Araucanía left his Intendance. "He was a dead man."he says, from a wider perspective, the government, as well as the most powerful political crisis in which opposition was shot, the murder case is asked Camilo Catrillanca.

– Did Minister Chadwick leave after Mayol's resignation?

– My impression is that the government is using it as a human shield, so that the blood cannot reach the interior.. Today, this insurance has already jumped, so the Interior Minister is more or less exposed. The government is confident that the Mayol's exit will satisfy the thirst of the political responsibilities of the opposition. Although it seems to be seen, the government has not acted as quickly and decisively as in the past in the favor of this expectation, in spite of similar situations in the past. And if you look, it's not a lie.

– What can be expected from the description?

– I think the president is right when he says that the comment is a constitutional example for State ministers' statements. We can dramatize interpretation. He said I don't think there is much room to try anything else for the opposition. Frente Amplio (FA) led to some accusations and was not successful. The question is: Will you try to get Chadwick out of the pool without enough water? Because, after the interpretation, he thought that the constitutional charges were coming. DC had already pointed to Mayol, implying that "we have come so far".

– Do you think the opposition will try to take advantage of the Catrillanca case, or will it seek a lower profile when considering the background of the conflict?

– FA is at this intersection, because they believe that the New Majority has a glass roof. It could only be said that Piñera was following his argument, not the oppressed government of the Mapuche people. In the case of the new majority, there is trouble in the recent past; at that time to have a face to fulfill the responsibilities they did not take.

– We'il hear from the government.

– Yeah, I think La Moneda's right. Now, as Mirko Macari said, the government had two voices: hawks and pigeons. I have the impression that pigeons have the right key, because if you look at both Alfredo Moreno and Hernán Larraín, they say they are taking the wrong version and are willing to accept that you have to go to the end.

– If the hawks are Chadwick and Ubilla, what is Moreno trying to change the story with Mapuche people?

– In order to change the past, we have to double the bet because the original bet was the Araucanía Plan, which would allow history to enter this government as the most Mapuche. Nowadays, the theory of separate sequences, a theory that Moreno often loved as a chancellor, soon fell. Moreno acquired the theory of separate sequences in La Araucanía. On the one hand, the air of the Araucanía Plan and on the other hand the work of the Forest Command. Today it is untenable. Now, I don't think the government is willing to give up the garrot. The evil is the right government, which voters believe the club is indispensable.. Anyway, if you don't give up the garrott, you should give up your intention to rewrite your relationship with the Mapuche people.

– Can the Catrillanca case be the "Caval" of the Piñera government?

– Obviously, The Catrillanca case is the government's most difficult crisis, much more than the Rojas case, but not necessarily Cañera de Piñera. What Caval did was shake the confidence of middle and lower layers of President Bachelet. Its capital is no longer destroyed by Caval. "You too, Michelle? We thought it was different. This was more or less the psychological process of the Bacheletist voter. I don't know how many people of Piñera's voters were betrayed by the government, in fact. I don't see how the Piñera constituency looks because of Catrillanca, and you said, & You betrayed me, Sebastián. übe On the contrary, many of them preferred to stay connected to the club.

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