Monday , December 6 2021

Carolina de Moras explained why they weren't seen when they called him on stage – Telethon 2018 – 24 hours


Carolina de Moras announced why he didn't appear when called on stage

Cheerleader gave an interview to finish the speculation and said "it was mess". TVN


Carolina de Moras was a trend national on social networksDon Francisco several times after failing Telethon's full transfer.

After Amigo gets on the stage, Cristián Sánchez and Martín Cárcamo tried to forgive himHowever, people were already commenting on his disappearance.

Cheerleader wanted to answer this Sunday for clarification. and speculation will be over.

"I think there's been a confusion, they didn't warn me. I was with little kids and they were so cunning, they were so sleepy. When I was in the car, they told me that Don Francisco was looking for me. I don't think they told him, "Glamorama said.

He added: "I didn't tell everyone, or I couldn't say goodbye, because there were too many people behind the scenes. I warned the people of Telethon and the people on the ground. And I say goodbye to them … I think it was a mess and they didn't tell people from the bottom up. (on stage) ".

"I came to my house to feed my children, put on pajamas and not to be the best character." I've been here for five hours and Tuto Scary … I was devastated, I had spent the night at Telethon, never slept and collapsed … I learned something about Twitter this morning and I don't understand anything. "


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