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Carola de Moras announces the fact that the National Glamorama is "lost"


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / 2 December 2018

Carola de Moras recounts Glamorama Last night, she was in her car with her daughter and two young nephews, and when friends and neighbors started sending messages, they were exhausted.

Don Francisco had invited him from the stage at the National Stadium to tens of thousands of people and on television.

Mario Kreuztzberger had no answer. Only Critián Sánchez said in the weather that Carolina wasn't there because he was in trouble because he wasn't there.

The episode was immediately commented on Twitter. The driver's name rose to the top of the çılgın trend topic teori of the social network, and a wave of crazy theory emerged about what happened with De Moras.

Carolina found all of this today and explains that this is just a mess. He says there's nothing wrong with anything.

She's been spending the night in Telethon and since then she's been walking with her daughter and two little nephews. Last night, he warned everyone in the National Park that he had done everything they asked and after the animators hugged, he told them that he had retired from the children who no longer gave them.

It ensures that there is no drama and everything is a good vibration. It must have been a mess. In the heat of last night's transmission, Don Francisco may not have been warned not to present Carolina. These are his words:

What happened last night at the National?

Carolina de Moras: "I think there's been a confusion, they haven't warned me that I've quit. They walked with young children and they were so shrewd, too sleepy.

Did he say he was pulled from the National? Did you say goodbye?

I I didn't tell anyone or I couldn't say goodbye, because there were so many people behind the scenes. But of course I told the people of Telethon and the people on the ground and I said goodbye to them … I think there was confusion and they didn't tell the people from the top floor (from below). "

What do you think about the wave of comments and theories in Twitter after the episode?

(I came to my house to feed my kids and put on pajamas, and they were not the best character (laughs). They've been with me for five hours, and they had a scary charge.

”I was also devastated, I spent the night in Telethon, never slept and fell down ad I learned something about Twitter this morning and I didn't understand anything (laughter)“.

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