Monday , May 16 2022

Carlos Menem lifted his voice: "I'm going to Chile to see how my son is doing."


"I'm going to Chile to see how is my son. I know they're working.According to information, it has a tumor. We will do well, "said reporters Carlos Menem on the verge of crying.

So far, Cecilia Bolocco's ex-husband did not talk about the health problems of her youngest son, causing her to undergo an extensive preliminary craniotomy during the day.

In the example, the former president of Argentina "has received many messages, there are many prayer chains," he said. one of them is very excited".

Saat So far Máximo was fine, the operation will be over in 4 hours, ite the father of the Menem clan said.

When asked if it believes that this is another test that puts out her life,You have to believe in God and they are constantly strengthening the spirit. "

Menem travels to Chile

"We'il go straight to the clinic"a bankrupt, said Carlos Menem living for Trans-Andean television.

So far, the discussion has assured that "I always communicate with Max", since it looks at adolescence "only eight times." Perfect relationship".

Menem family would be at these moments. Immigration to Las Condes Clinicwhile return flight Tomorrow is scheduled on Saturday.

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