Friday , December 3 2021

Carabinero is accused of killing Catrillanca: "There are people who have denied us."


Old sergeant Carlos Alarcón – Camilo accused of being the author of the murder of Catrillanca – "There's still a need for something" in a leaked video on Sunday.

On registration, the GOPE insisted on his innocence when sent to serve his colleagues and retired, and he was found guilty of "knowing that things should go out, because those who know us do not act badly or guilty".

"I know it's a criminal or nobody's here, so Here, people have lied, misrepresented, and now the worst is the most dangerous for citizenship"He reassured.

Alarcón is in pre-trial detention at Temuco's Second Police Station in Temuco. Her video was recorded last Friday, after her three colleagues from GOPE were formalized due to the crime of the Mapuche community member.

"I regret what is happening in the country today because of this procedure. Unfortunately, you can't go back in time, you just have to trust God, which will come to this fruit, Ne he adds.

"Thanks to the support of GOPE's colleagues, the former sergeant said," I'm going through this difficult, terrible field, and I'm not giving it to anyone. "

Bir As soon as our instructors teach us, all the things that start at once should end, “he added.

Alarcon, "never see God for me." I don't do anything against the prestige of my institution and the GOPE.".

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