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Can you distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from the fake?



Great advantage and problem of Android manufacturers can practice as they wish. This opens the door to a large variety of terminals that we have today. However, from time to time, We could find real aberrations in the form of a mobile phone.

When the number of clone mobile devices is almost exhausted, Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Coming. It is a curious terminal that EverythingApplePro wants to compare with the original, and it costs less than $ 100 compared to 1,000, where Note 9 was launched.

2018 and still have copies of the high-end

9 wrong notes

The main engine that allows me to do this article Numerous fake cell phones I have seen on sales portals like Wallapop. iPhone X and Samsung, especially PVP's half price and clearly wrong. While it seems unbelievable, this scam is the order of the day and there are few users entering them.

In this case we observe clear differences in designThe 9th note, which is wrong, is clearly higher. The truth is, if we don't pay much attention to the details, the terminal looks like a Samsung, and it's quite aesthetically pleasing for its price.


We have the same back Observe the difference between the size of the sensors to realize that this is a fake mobile. Any technologist would notice the difference with the simple touch of the glass, but if it was never first-class, it's easy to be affected by this fake and clonic design.


USB Type C, headphone jack, speaker and … S-Pen! Everything is thought out in detail but … Can you write this fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a pen? Logic tells us this is nothing but an ornament.but for the general surprise, yes, this clone can replicate some of the functions of the original model with the S-Pen.


Launcher, icons, wallpapers, widgets, sounds, … Everything faithfully copiedNote 9. An attempt to create an iz economic ğ note will then tell you why never get a copy of a phoneThe following image will serve to give you an idea.


The terminal lies in comparison, saying it has 4 cores in 3.0 GHz. Processor MediaTek 6580 & # 39; dirThe SoC, which was used on 33-Euro mobile phones like the Kenxinda W50, didn't know that, so we didn't know the Ulefone S1's 50 Euro or 55 Euro DOOGEE X53. It is a 4-core processor at 1.3 GHz, a frequency that carries us to the past. The GPU is a two-core Mali 400.

Why don't you even look at him.

More than one person goes through the idea of ​​buying a clone – they ask us a lot about Instagram. Buy a mobile device with a design of 10 times shorter than its priceWhat can go wrong? First, if a company does not have the capacity to create its own product, we see that it does not mean much. Goes without saying that the quality of parts and structure is zeroso much votes so the phone disrupts you as soon as possible and the technical service is probably not available.

The hardware of such a mobile device simply could not replace the set, there was a delay at the main desk, and any Xiaomi with less than 100 euros would do better. Needless to say, These mobile phones are never updatedDesigned for users who don't have the slightest idea about mobile technologies.

When we talk about the high-end terminals of Samsung and Apple, it's a growing application.

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