Saturday , October 23 2021

Call Signal is a mobile service that lets you know who is behind an unknown number


The cell phone is ringing and when you look at the screen you see an unknown number. It's probably a commercial call, but you're afraid it might be something important. Do you also hesitate to answer?

In these cases, Google has decided to use artificial intelligence to help the user. The technology company launched the Call Scan service in November and is an application that filters out incoming calls without having to answer them.

Currently, the service is available only on Pixel devices that are installed by default. Still, Google & # 39; s history has not yet talked about the application is expected to generalize and reach Android.

When the user of these devices receives a call, they will have the option to enable the Call Scan to be displayed on the screen. When enabled, the caller will hear an automatic tone asking you to identify yourself and explain the reason for the call.

A screen will also appear on the screen. speech transcriptThis allows the user to decide whether or not to answer the call. Otherwise, the voice assistant apologizes and rejects it.

What happens if it is not easy to determine who is calling? In this case, the service offers "More information" and "Emergency" options. and "Call back later" that can be activated from the same screen.

Google said that the transcripts of these calls were kept on the phone and that users were recovering from their mobile phone history, but not on their servers.

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