Saturday , July 2 2022

Bolsa de Santiago took two consecutive weeks


The Santiago Stock Exchange was closed for one week with bad news, which fell by 0.97% during five operations.

In the negative region, the balance of the week meant that IPSA would break the successive two-week upward trend. This has been the case in days that stood out with the challenging fall of technology companies in Wall Street. This meant that both of their indicators lost the year's profit.

On the other hand, the most damaged stocks were Cencosud with 7,30%, CAP and 5,92%. Horst Paulmann's business consortium announced its three-month results, which disappointed investors for their numbers in the Argentine market yesterday.

On the other hand, those who celebrated increased 4.63% of the CCU and 4.22% of Latam.

Cencosud securities 2.34% following the unexpected results

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