Tuesday , October 19 2021

Bitcoin price falls


Crypto currency has the lowest value since September of last year.

Gold days are going away for bitcoin. At any given time, the most popular of the crypto currencies, which has reached over US $ 20,000 per unit, surpasses more than $ 3,000 – but it will not be long to follow this trend.

Virtual currency is currently trading at US $ 3,395 a day after falling by around 6%.

With these values, it reaches its lowest level since September of last year.

An analyst said to CNBC, "The crypto money market seems to be definitely suffering."

Kr The market is entering a general downward trend that appears to be a general negative sentiment against crypto coins, bir said Zennon Kapron, director of financial market advisor Kapronasia. very focused on retail, very close to the mercy of the emotions of the group that caused big changes. "

"Without positive drivers in the near future, it can continue until 2019," he said.

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