Monday , December 6 2021

Bielsa's contribution to the campaign


The former coach of the Chilean national team donated a signed t-shirt from Leeds United in record time. The organization said, "He paid in his pocket to arrive as soon as possible."

Many times a this distance is not forgotten her, but the former coach of the Chilean National Team, Marcelo Bielsa, seems to be not running and today he is wary of those with Telethon from England.

"We contacted him and he was able to bring this shirt from Leeds United to add to the auction. It was amazing the time was coming, because the deadline could last a further two weeks," a journalist known as the "Pelotazo" and responsible for the auction. Jorge Gómez.

The shipping challenges were at the time of customs clearance in both London and Santiago, and there was an important factor to overcome them.

"He made the delivery as quick as possible, but he didn't get it, and he just talks about the love he has for Chile," said the organizer of the auction, about the product that surpassed it, 750 thousand pesos, and part of the 40 articles on the auction.

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