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Between Telefilm and genius

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«There are two moments approaching the loneliness of Freddie, and he led this hedonistic life that caresses why a great film can be»

The cinematographic fiction about the queen has ceased to be one of the most anticipated players to produce all sorts of ideas. The group's career was followed closely by drummer Roger Taylor or producer Reinhold Mack. Bohemia rhapsody.

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Bohemia rhapsody
Bryan Singer, 2018


It's time to talk. Bohemia rhapsody, film. I agree: When I found out they had signed Baron Cohen, I felt like they made a big mistake. Three years later, the actor abandoned him for creative differences and increased his knowledge that respect for him was on directors' minds, such as David Ficher ("The Seven", "Fight Club" or "Zodiac"). Basically Roger Taylor, the Queen's producer, Brian May, and different non-accredited filmmakers, including Robert De Niro, wanted it to be for all audiences. I think it's a big mistake when they get Rami Malek again and the guy with the franchise. X Men.

I plan to know not the day of the film's premiere, but then the audience's reaction. Unanimity, a masterpiece. On the other hand, criticism destroys it. I see it, and I don't think it's that much less. first, I admired how Rami Malek internalized Freddie. both personality and face and body movements. She completely amazed me for the performance she left and if she gave her an Oscar, it wouldn't have been overstated. My hair's over. The actor who plays Brian May does it perfectly, but he is the villain in the movie alongside the prominent Malek. I refer to Paul Prenter, a personal manager in Frederic's life, and Allen Leech, a close friend who sells him. Sun All Freddie who died of HIV variations revealed their lovers. Again, if they gave him Oscars the best supporting act, he might seem reasonable. After that, Queen's recreation in concerts, especially Live Help. I still have to change my mind and say that they're not just bright, but when you're at the movie you think you're at a queen concert and you get excited until you cry to the end.

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»When you're at the cinema, you think you're at a Queen concert and you can be excited until you cry with the end»

Now let's go to the bad parts of the film, there are many and many. Historical mistakes would give almost a whole book. Brian is going to compose and Seni shake you oturum with Freddie with a mustache in the group recording Seni Game sessions ya. The truth is, they were recorded three years ago when Freddie still had no long hair, but no mustache. The second mistake: As Brazil rode into eighty-fifths, all Brazilians were saying, "The love of my life," at the age of seventy-seven. Mack is the solo producer of his solo work solo, while at the same time the musicians know that they are equally mediocre, personally hurting me, doing interviews and nothing mediocre. And we can throw the whole article. The point is, in neophyll these mistakes are not important to him; but those who follow the Queen, even those who know the least, do so. Or how Brian May always seemed to be a saint, and how Roger Taylor went from becoming an energizer to a family man in ten minutes. Nobody believes that.

There are two moments that led Freddie to manage his loneliness and why this hedonist caresses why a big movie can happen. There's another great film in the film that's not used in the film, as a critic friend told me. Do not interrogate and belong to almost all viewers in a very superficial way. Finally, in the first part there are moments of total misunderstanding, you know what chains you already have in the film you see in the afternoon.

My final decision is that the film moves between the phone and the genius. I'd give it to him six. Why not five? Malek and two actors and musical back shoots.

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