Wednesday , September 28 2022

Benja Vicuña gives full support to her niece after denouncing the rape: “This is a very painful thing” | TV and Show


A few days ago Rafaela Vicuña Moraga (18)Chilean actor Benjamín Vicuña’s niece filed a public complaint about a rape she was allegedly the victim of when she was 13 years old. This Wednesday, the actor referred to the situation.

Interview with journalist Nicolás Peralta, host of the Argentina program cut by Lozano, Vicuña and her partner Eugenia Suárez After they decided to talk about the truth, they expressed their position on the incident, assuring that they accompanied the young woman.

“What happened is a tremendous, very painful thing. Rafa filed a complaint and it was downloaded via Instagram and it’s already in Chilean Justice.”

“I am very proud of my nephew, of his courage and courage. He will turn pain into art, his favorite music that no one can steal from him. This is the beginning of a liberation and restoration process,” he said.

“We don’t choose the obstacles in life, yes, how to overcome them”, national player.

Vicuña said that Juan Pablo Vicuña’s daughter, Rafaela, is currently in Santiago and awaits an investigation into the incident.

The young woman is now an outstanding cellist, an instrument she has studied for several years in France.

It should be noted that China Suárez referred to this situation when she shared the girl’s complaint on social networks last Tuesday.

“After reading this, I still haven’t recovered. How can these things continue? Attention Chile, this man is adrift”, Written by the actress.

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